Weight Management

We all have a picture in our mind of ourselves at our preferred weight and shape, but we never seem to have the ability to focus for long enough to change what and when we eat. The majority of us eat way to much than our bodies actually require and then we store this as fat to be used in times of lean. This is a process that we and some animals have evolved with. However, we can have control over this process whereas most animals cannot.

So why do we still overeat if we are able control it?

There are a number of aspects to this, habits, comforting, safety, self belief are just a few.

This is where hypnotherapy is so useful, within the mind we can replace unwanted habits with new beneficial habits, we can limit the power of your need to comfort eat and also strengthen your belief in yourself that you can do this and maintain rather than yo-yo.

Are you ready to make significant changes to your life?

Issues with weight can have varying side effects including:

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