Quit Smoking

Have you had enough of the cost of smoking, the health impacts of smoking, the smell and the now social stigma that surrounds a smoker? You have tried numerous times to stop but can’t just seem to get there?

Smoking is a habit using a drug – Nicotine. Our minds strengthen habits when we feel that they are of benefit to us, “I need a cig to calm down”, “I need a cig to start me off in the morning”, the longer and deeper the habit, the more difficult it is for us to overcome that craving.

As with all habits, they can be altered, and this is where hypnotherapy is so beneficial. A single 2 hour session is all that is needed for you to strengthen your resolve, desire to stop, reduce the impact, severity and rationale around this habit. It can and will help you stop smoking.

Are you ready to make significant changes to your life?

Smoking can have varying side effects including:

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