Quit Smoking

2 hours of hypnotherapy can give you the ultimate drive to stop.


Addictions affect us all, they stop us being the person we want to be. Hypnotherapy can support you to recovery.


Always checking and rechecking? The mind tells us to constantly check, why?


Do you think that you can't be bothered? There is no end in sight, no future? Hypnotherapy gives you the self belief that you can change this.


Panic attacks derailing your life? Start to feel free with hypnotherapy.

Weight Management

Overweight? Tired of not being fit? Worried about the effects on your health? Get control over your eating habits through hypnotherapy.

I can also offer help for many other areas, including stress, phobias, pain, sleep, past life regression, sports performance and many more. If there’s an area of your life where you’re looking to make a change, contact me to see how I can help you succeed.

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